packwoods Truffle Packarillos – 3 Pack

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Packwoods Truffle Packarillos – 3 Pack, 3 MINIS – .75 grams each of Premium Flower, Engineered Cross Cut Glass Filter in a Slow Burning, 100% Tobacco Free wrap. 2.25g. License: C11-0000468

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Packwoods Truffle Packarillos – 3 Pack

Packwoods Truffle Packarillos – a delightful trio of 3 MINIS, each containing .75 grams of exquisite Premium Flower. Crafted with care, these Packarillos feature an Engineered Cross Cut Glass Filter, ensuring a smooth draw from the slow-burning, 100% Tobacco-Free wrap. With a total weight of 2.25 grams, these Packwoods Truffle Packarillos are licensed under C11-0000468, promising a premium cannabis experience.

Delve into the world of Packwoods Truffle Packarillos, showcasing the Truffle strain, also known as Truffle Butter. Inspired by the opulence of one of the most coveted ingredients, truffles, this strain embodies the richness and flavor aficionados seek in their cannabis.

Derived from a well-crafted lineage, the Truffle strain is a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid, born from the union of Chocolate Kush and Gelato. A perfect evening companion, its potent effects may induce a gentle drowsiness, making it an ideal choice before bedtime. Caution is advised in the morning, as the high may challenge your focus.

Chocolate Kush, a moderately potent strain, contributes to the Truffle’s genetic makeup. Not only does it offer a delightful recreational experience, but its CBD levels also make it a noteworthy medical strain. Experience the uplifting qualities and heightened focus that come with the Truffle strain.

Elevate your cannabis journey with Packwoods Truffle Packarillos – a fusion of premium quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and the alluring essence of the strain. Purchase your Packwoods T Packarillos now and savor the luxury of this unique cannabis blend.


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