Packwoods El Chapo

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A strain specific infused pre rolled blunt by Packwoods. Packwoods Cherry AK is a Mendocino, California-bred, nicely potent (THC levels said to average over 20%), blissful, gently sedating, body-soothing and sexually arousing, Indica-Dominant, end-of-a-long-day hybrid blend of Blue Diamond and Zkittles.

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Elevate Your Experience with Packwoods El Chapo

Indulge in the extraordinary world of Packwoods El Chapo, a meticulously crafted strain-specific infused blunt designed to redefine your cannabis enjoyment.

Discovering the Genetics: AK-47 Legacy

Embark on a journey with this Sativa-Dominant hybrid, born from the legendary AK-47 genetics. With a perfectly balanced 70/30 ratio, El Chapo offers an energizing yet mellow experience, setting it apart as a daytime hybrid of distinction.

Aromas and Effects: Cherry Essence and Balanced Bliss

With THC levels at 16%, this hybrid introduces a delightful blend of fruity and skunky notes, highlighted by a cherry aroma. Whether you’re sharing laughs with friends or peacefully enjoying a sunset, El Chapo provides a harmonious fusion of head and body effects.

Effortless Delivery to Your Doorstep

Experience the convenience of Packwoods El Chapo Preroll Marijuana Delivery, bringing this extraordinary cannabis experience directly to your doorstep in Los Angeles.

Curated Selection for Adult-Use: Island Packwoods Blue Zkittlez

Explore our curated selection, featuring top-notch concentrates, flowers, edibles, and renowned brands for Adult-Use. Seamlessly order online, via text, or by phone, with swift delivery ensuring your order reaches you within an hour in most cities across LA.

Packwoods Prerolls: Redefining the Smoking Experience

Delve into the sophistication of Packwoods El Chapo Prerolls, each filled with 2 grams of lab-tested, hand-broken cannabis. Encased in a 100% tobacco-free, slow-burning natural leaf wrap and dusted in kief, these prerolls revolutionize the smoking experience.

Engineered Excellence: Glass Filter for Consistency

Experience a consistently smooth draw from start to finish with the engineered glass filter. Perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying throughout the day, one preroll offers ample company and a unique blend of hard-hitting effects with a surprisingly light taste.

Commitment to Excellence: Packwoods’ Premium Approach

Rooted in Los Angeles, Packwoods is committed to elevating the preroll smoking experience. Our dedication to premium cannabis is reflected in every preroll we produce.

Chemdawg Strain: Distinct Diesel Aroma and Relaxing Effects

Immerse yourself in the clean, smooth hits of Packwoods Prerolls, featuring the potent hybrid strain, Chemdawg. Known for its distinctive diesel aroma, Chemdawg guarantees a relaxing journey through muscle relaxation and happiness.

Order Online, Experience Excellence

Discover the pinnacle of preroll sophistication with Packwoods El Chapo—order online and embark on a blissful puff-by-puff journey. Packwoods – Redefining the preroll experience, one exquisite blend at a time.


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